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        • Publish date: Tuesday 31st October 2017|
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          TEJARAT BANK Appreciated in 3rdIran Transaction Exhibition (ITE)
          TEJARAT BANK was appreciated in 3rd Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE 2017) due to its salient activities and unflinching support of this prestigious event, the Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported.
          Speaking at the closing ceremony of 3rd edition of (ITE 2017), Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK Mohammad EbrahimMoghaddam pointed to the active presence of his bank in 3rd Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) and said: “This exhibition is a great opportunity for banks and companies active in payment industry to showcase their latest achievements.”
          Turning to the active and powerful presence of startups in FintechDivision of the exhibition, he added: “New thoughts and creative ideas of knowledge-based businesses can make payment industry towards the development path in its real sense.”
          He reiterated: “TEJARAT BANK has focused on supporting the ideas of active and talented youth in the field of information technology (IT) seriously, the issue of which has been put atop agenda of the bank.”
          In the end, Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK Mohammad EbrahimMoghaddamonce again pointed to the salient achievements taken by the bank in the field of payment industry and said: “Relying upon the assistance of the Almighty God, the bank will make all its utmost efforts to materialize most of its objectives by the yearend.”
          Hamid Pour-Mohammadi Development Deputy Head of Management and Planning Organization (MPO) for Production Affairs was the next speaker in the closing ceremony of 3rd Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) who pointed to the measures taken over the past decade for the acculturation and promotion of electronic banking (e-banking) in the country and said: “We need about 780,000 billion tomans worth of investment per year in order to materialize objectives of the Vision Document in the field of information technology (IT) during 6th Five-Year Socioeconomic and Cultural Development Plan.”
          Turning to this point that electronic banking (e-banking) in the country has significantly progressed as compared to the previous years, he said: “There are still some problems in this field that should be settled by providing appropriate infrastructures.”


          At the end of 3rd Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE 2017), sponsors of the exhibition and selected startups were appreciated deservedly.


          It should be noted that the 3rd Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) was held in Goftegou Parkland for three days from Tuesday Oct. 24 to Thursday Oct. 26. By setting up a specialized exposition booth, TEJARAT BANK embarked on introducing its latest achievements in the field of electronic banking (e-banking) and also introducing modern banking services such as Easy Shopping, Electronic Wallets, Mobile Banking and Green Payment.


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