Monday 3 August 2020
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            Internet Banking Service
            Definition: Internet Banking Service is another modern Tejarat Bank services which has been initiated in the direction of developing electronic banking in order to render fast, easy, and low cost services. All real persons who have accounts with Tejarat Bank can use the said service through registration in their branches. Internet Banking Service provides the clients with the possibility to save their time and expense and perform some of their banking through this system by entering the bank internet site at  
            Available Services through Internet Banking Service:
            1- Informing the remaining balance amount and the last three circulations of their account
            2- Transferring funds up to IRR 20,000,000 per day among the introduced accounts in the application form
            3- Paying water, electricity, gas, and fixed and mobile phone bills
            How to register:
            To setup this service for any type of accounts (Interest-Free Current Account, Short-Term Investment Deposit Account, or Interest-Free Savings Account) you are kindly requested to refer to your relevant branch and fill out an application form.
            Activation of Tejarat Telephone Bank Service:
            After filling out the application form in the branches, Bank Tejarat will create two passwords (PIN1 & PIN2) and upon receiving these two passwords you will be able to use the said service. It should be noted that the first password can be used for ordinary services such as receiving the account balance and account statement, and the second password can be used for special services such as transferring funds and paying the bills.   
            How to be linked with Internet Banking Service Center
            In order to be linked with the center to perform your banking affairs, after entering into the website address , select the “Enter Internet Banking Site” and after inserting your account number and the first password (PIN1) will be linked with the Internet Banking system.
            Receiving the balance and circulations of your account:
            After entering into Internet Banking System you can observe the remaining balance and the last three turnovers of your account; moreover, by selecting “Account Statement” and specifying the required period you can see (and print, if desired) your account statement within the specified period.
            Transferring funds among introduced accounts in the registration form:
            In case you would like to use the funds transfer service, you can, for any of introduced accounts (from which you would like to withdraw) introduce up to 5 active accounts with Bank Tejarat in order to perform transferring operations (the accounts in to which you would like to remit funds) . These accounts (remittance accounts) may belong to you or to others. To perform a transfer operation, enter into Internet Banking System and select “Payments – Funds Transferring”, then insert the remittance account number, the second password (PIN 2) and the transferable amount, and finally press enter. Please note that the maximum transferable amount in this stage is IRR 20,000,000 per each working day.
            Paying bills of water, electricity, and so on:
            After entering Internet Banking Site and selecting “payment of Bills – Payment”, insert the type of the bill, bill code, and payment code, then click on “continue” and insert the second password (PIN 2); the bank will then take action to subtract the bill’s amount from the introduced account. When paying the bills through Internet Banking System, a Follow-Up      
            Number will be given to you, which is printed in the account statement as the serial number.
            Verification of funds transferring and bills payments request:
            After performing the fund transfer or bills payments, through linking to Internet Banking System on the next working day and watching the statement of accounts your requested operation can be verified.
            Changing the first and the second password:

            After entering into the Internet Banking Site and selecting “Personal Identities”, you can change the first password (PIN 1) and the second password (PIN 2). 

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