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            “Tejarat Card” is a card by which one can receive cash funds or other bank services 24 hours a day (excepting those apparatuses installed in the interior part of branches which are usable only in official working hours) through an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). 
            It should be noted that these apparatuses perform receiving and paying the cash funds up to maximum IRR 2,000,000 per day (5 times a day, each time IRR 400,000). The date of the paying and depositing cash funds after the end of bank’s official working hours is considered as performed on the next day.
            Issuance of Tejarat Card:
            After completing the application and undertaking form by a client, a short-term investment or an interest-free saving account (with no bankbook) is opened for the client by the branch, and the “Tejarat Card” applicant must deposit at least IRR 100, 000 in each opened account.    
            It should be noted that as for the short-term investment accounts; the related interest for such accounts will be accrued.
            Remark: Those clients, who have already had a Check-Card Account with Bank Tejarat, may change their cards by submitting their old cards and completed application forms for a receipt (in the branches in which they had received their old cards). The client will be requested to refer to the same branch within 15 days to receive the card and password against receipt.
            Loss of Tejarat Card:
            Those clients, whose card is lost or stolen, are obliged to notify the fact in written one of Bank Tejarat branches as soon as possible.  
            Seizure of the Card:
            ATM machines may seize the cards in following cases:
            - Entering the client’s password wrongly (for three successive times)
            - Expiry of the card’s validity date (in case of bearing a validity date)
            - Defectiveness of the card
            - The client’s delay when removing the card
            - Problem in the machine’s card reader
            Retrieving the Card:   
            Retrieving a seized card within 48 hours (during working hours) depends upon presence of its owner at the seizing branch, and after this period it is subject to presence of the owner at the issuing branch to be identified by the branch director.
            Specifications of the ATM Systems:   
            1- Monitor with 8 keys in both sides to show instructions and the working method with the machine
            2- Card insertion slot
            3- Keyboard for entering the Identity No. and amounts insertion
            4- Exit slots for account Statement and the required cash fund
            5- Envelope delivery slot (for inserting particulars, requests, and messages of the client) and for inserting envelope containingcash fund/check/money order sending request/ checkbook issuance request  
            Receiving Cash Fund:
            Bearer of a “Tejarat Card” inserting his card in the card reader slot of an ATM (which is distinct by a flashing light), and then entering the relevant password through the keyboard, can receive cash fund.
            It should be noted that receiving cash fund is exclusively possible by a “Tejarat Card” and only through the ATM machines of all banks being a member of SHETAB allover the country.
            Depositing Cash Fund:
            In order to perform the operations for depositing to the account, the owner of a Tejarat Card after inserting the card in the card reader slot can select the depositing menu. Then entering the figure of the amount to be deposited, a receipt and an envelope are given by the machine; putting the receipt given by the machine along with the cash fund (maximum 80 bank notes) into the envelope provided by the machine, the envelop should be delivered back to the machine. Once again the machine will give the client a receipt indicating depositing the cash fund. The final amount deposited in to the client’s account will take place after being controlled by the cashier of the branch.
            Depositing a Check’s Amount In To Account:
            In order to deposit the amount of a check into his /her account, the owner of card must firstly endorse and sign the check and then select the depositing menu. Entering the figure of the amount of the check to be deposited, a receipt and an envelope are given by the machine; putting the receipt provided by the machine and the check within this specific envelope, the envelope should be delivered back to the machine. The assigned checks will be deposited in the client’s account when collected.          
            Transferring from Tejarat Card account to another account:
            Having a Tejarat Card, one can (unlimitedly up to the amount of the remaining balance) remit funds to the other accounts (whether his/her own account or other’s account) in Bank Tejarat. To do so, the account number (consisting 13 digits) into which you would like to transfer the amount should be inserted into the machine.
            Client’s Messages And Instructions For The Bank:
            An owner of a Tejarat Card can send his/her messages and requests through the envelope provided by the machine. The Tejarat Card owner must write his/her particulars on the envelope and then writ his/her messages and requests on the specific place under the title of “Message for Bank” in the form inside the envelope and sign it. Then the form and the required documents should be put inside the envelope and the envelope should be inserted into the delivery slot.
            Changing the Password:
            Using this menu, the client can change his/her password; to do this operation; the owner must insert the favorite password in four digits and confirm it inserting the new password once again.
            In case of any problems with ATM machines, contact the following numbers:
            Contact No. in official hours:             +98 21 88805959

            Contact No. in non-official hours:      +98 21 88898683 

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