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    In 1887 a British bank named The East Modern Bank (Bank Jadid Sharq) established branches in some cities of Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Bushehr. In 1888, on the basis of a 60 year concession awarded to “Baron Paul Julius Reuter” the establisher of Reuters News Agency by Naser od-Din Shah (Qajar shah of Iran: 1848-96), the facilities of The East Modern Bank was assigned to Bank Shahanshahi. By virtue of this concession.

          • Tejarat SMS Service
            Tejarat SMS Service
            Definition: Tejarat SMS Service (Mobile Banking) is one of the modern banking services of Bank Tejarat which has been initiated in direction of developing electronic 24-hour banking. Bank Tejarat is honored to recommend using this service to all Iranians who have a mobile phone and perform their banking affairs in this bank. Tejarat SMS Service enables you to perform some of your banking affairs by you mobile, so you may save your time and expense.
            Available services through Tejarat SMS Service:
            1- Receiving the balance and the last three turnover of your account
            2- Transferring funds among introduced accounts in the registration form
            3- Payment of water, electricity, gas, fixed/mobile phone bills
            4- Payment of installments
            5- System usage help
            6- Changing password
            7- Following up one specific check
            How to register in Tejarat SMS Service:
            To set up the said service for any type of banking accounts (Interest-Free Current Account, Interest-Free Savings Account, or Short Term Investment Deposit Account) you are kindly requested to refer to your relevant branch and fill out an application form.
            Activatipon of Tejarat SMS Service:

            After filling out the application form in the relevant branch, Bank Tejarat will activate this service and create a password for you; upon receiving your password, you will be immediately able to use Tejarat SMS Service. 

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