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        • Publish date: Sunday 19th August 2018|
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          TEJARAT BANK Contributes 900bn Rials in Clean Energies Field
          Project entitled ‘ZAGROS Green Fuel Development Company’ is considered as one of the newest projects in clean energy industry of the country that TEJARAT BANK has contributed in this giant project to fulfill its social and professional responsibilities, the Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported.

          It is for years that environment-friendly fuels are used in advanced and developed countries as a renewable and clean source of energy in the world in such a way that it is predicted that a major portion of world’s energy supply will be based on biofuels, new- and renewable energies in future, the report added. As the most important and highly-consumed biofuel in the world, ‘Bioethanol Fuel’ has special and important status in this field. At the first glance, bioethanol is primarily considered as a clean and greener supplement and improver for gasoline. In the next stage and with the development and progress of technology and diversity of use of various raw materials (especially cellulose products), ‘bioethanol’ has been introduced as a clean fuel without any technical and economic problem in the world. Given the significance of application of this type of energy, a project entitled ‘ZAGROS Green Fuel Development Company’ was kicked off in Sept. 2013 in Kermanshah Province, Iran. Project entitled ‘ZAGROS Green Fuel Development Company’, which will be put into operation in the very near future, is one of the newest measures taken in energy industry of the country, so that TEJARAT BANK has contributed in launching this giant project in line with fulfilling its social and professional responsibilities. More than 2,524 billion rials has been invested for launching this giant project, based on which, TEJARAT BANK has contributed 900 billion rials of the said amount. Of total 2,524 billion rials spent for launching this project, 900 billion rials of which has been contributed by TEJARAT BANK, the report added. With the implementation of this giant project, new employment opportunities will be generated for more than 1,150 job-seeking people directly and indirectly. The daily production capacity of ‘bioethanol fuel’ of this company stands at 200,000 liters, the amount of which will hit 66 million liters annually. Dried Distillers Grain with Soluble (DDGS) is the second main product of ZAGROS Green Fuel Development Company. As a side product of the project, this supplement with rich protein for livestock feed is very appropriate for the supply of protein required in poultry and livestock production units of the country with the annual production capacity of 60,000 tons. Typically, cereals used for the production of ethanol (wheat, corn and barley) contain 60 to 62 percent starch. This starch produced in ZAGROS Green Fuel Development Company is transformed into water-free bioethanol fuel after the hydrolysis, fermentation, distillation and dehydration. Fermented press cake is produced only in the countries where ethanol / bioethanol is produced from fossil fuels. After meeting their domestic consumption demand, these countries export their surplus production to the countries regarded as importers of protein materials for livestock feed (such as press cake, corn and soya).

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