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        • Publish date: Wednesday 11th April 2018|
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          WFP’s Provisions Cards Distributed by Tejarat Bank
          Provisions cards of World Food Program #WFP were distributed by Tejarat Bank, Public Relations Department of the bank reported.
          The issuance and distribution process of 11,000 bank cards for the distribution of provisions for 30,000 refugees covered by the World Food Program #WFP was completed by Tejarat Bank as the only operating bank of this Program in Iran.

          At the request of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the World Food Program #WFP resumed its activity in Iran and provided food assistance to Afghan refugees and then to Iraqi refugees. In the same direction, Tejarat Bank was selected as top and leading bank for the provision of the desired services of this prestigious organization within the framework of its social responsibilities. Then, the bank concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the agency of the World Food Program #WFP for the issuance of provisions cards special of refugees. Under the contract, Tejarat Bank issued electronic cards dubbed ‘e-cards’ for 11,000 heads / supervisors of family of refugees with titles of “SAMA Card” and “NAHAL Cards” and distributed these cards in the host cities. The World Food Program #WFP also deposits monthly allowance of each family to the account of head of family and refugees can buy their food from the WFP’s contract-party stores using these cards. It should be noted that this project has been implemented in the guesthouses of 12 provinces of the country, based on which, each of the provinces of Yazd and West Azarbaijan is home to three guesthouses while each of the provinces of Fars and Kerman has two guesthouses. Moreover, each of the provinces of Kermanshah, Khorasan Razavi, Kordestan, Zanjan, Semnan and Lorestan is home to one guesthouse which welcome refugees warmheartedly. A total of 11,000 bank cards entitled “SAMA Card” and “NAHAL Card” have been issued and distributed for 30,000 refugees, so that representatives of Tejarat Bank, as a linking bank with the World Food Program, offer quality services to refugees in all of these provinces consecutively. Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the founding members of the United Nations in 1945 when only 51 of 193 countries in the world had the honor of taking membership in the United Nations. Today, Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as an active partner in the UN’s funds, programs and specialized organizations and 18 organizations, funds and programs of the United Nations are based in Iran in a way that World Food Program #WFP is one of these programs. This prestigious Organization fights hunger in the world and helps victims of natural disasters, refugees, displaced people and hungry peoplefacing with extreme food shortages. The WFP’s Global Logistics Operation is capable of responding to any food crisis within 24 hours and decentralized structure of this Organization is in such a way that 90 percent of its employees are providing food to the covered individuals in the operating regions. It is for more than six years that Tejarat Bank is cooperating with the World Food Program #WFP , using its brand capacities and online platforms including Mobile Bank and its website, to facilitate fundraising, the Public Relations Dept. of the bank concluded.

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