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          Equipping Resources, Collecting Claims and Selling Surplus Properties, TEJARAT BANK’s Most Important Programs: CEO
          Reza Dowlatabadi Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANKpointed to “equipping resources”, “collecting claims” and “selling owned and surplus real estates and properties” as the most import programs of the bank which will be followed up strictly before the termination of the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 (to end March 20, 2018), Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported.
          Announcing the above statement in a video conference session held in the presence of more than 2,000 senior managers of TEJARAT BANK’s branches across the nation, Dowlatabadi announced its operational programs in the short term for the improvement of the current situation of the bank.

           He termed the attraction of sustainable and quality resources as the most important operational priorities in the current situation and added: “Certainly, TEJARAT BANK will avoid conducting any move that affect the discipline of money market in the country by adhering to the approach and instructions of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) with regard to the interest rate of deposits.”

          Today, currency units and branches of TEJARAT BANK enjoy very good capacities to meet the needs of customers for issuing currency and rials guarantees, opening domestic and foreign Letters of Credit (L/Cs) and transaction (sales and purchase) of foreign currency, etc.
          Meanwhile, “Our program is an immediate upgrade of hardware and software systems in the area of IT banking to provide superior e-banking services to dear fellow countrymen, the bank CEO maintained.
          The newly-appointed chief executive of TEJARAT BANKexpounded on the priorities and programs of the bank to reduce outstanding claims and said: “The exacerbation of problem of outstanding claims in recent years has been one of the main reasons for restricting power of banks in financing production and economic enterprises of the country and what is expected from the banking network of the country is to make utmost effort to collect non-performing loans (NPLs). Undoubtedly, TEJARAT BANK will take effective steps in this field powerfully.”
          As senior economic managers of the country emphasize, seriousness along with precision and flexibility in investigating and determining the relevant files is the main approach of TEJARAT BANK in the field of collection of outstanding claims, Dowlatabadi reiterated.
          He pointed to setting up committees to collect claims and demands of this bank in different levels and said: “Our main goal in this field is to provide suitable conditions for taking advantage of resources of the bank and obtaining the necessary liquidity to grant facilities and loans to producers and other real entrepreneurs of the country.”
          “We hope that TEJARAT BANK will take giant stride to release some parts of bank’s reserve requirements in the next fiscal year, so that the bank will create more favorable conditions for meeting demands of stakeholders such as shareholders and depositors of the bank,” CEO of the bank emphasized.
          Dowlatabadi termed acceleration of selling surplus and additional real estates as the other operational priorities of this bank in the short term and said, “generation of assets is one of the most important solutions to improve situation of financial statements of the banks.”
          To materialize this goal, selling surplus real estate is very important, he said, adding: “Once surplus real estates of banks are sold, some major part of problems facing the banking network system of the country will be eliminated to finance production sector in the country.”
          In this regard, important decisions have been adopted to increase the powers of the relevant departments especially provincial management bureaus of the bank, he highlighted.
          In conclusion, CEO of TEJARAT BANK said: “It is expected that TEJARAT BANK will provide successful performance in selling its surplus and additional real estates in the banking network of the country.” 
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