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          Deputy Minister of Economy: Rosy and Bright Future Ahead of TEJARAT BANK
          The Inaugural and Farewell Ceremony of Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK was held in the presence of Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF), the Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported.
          This prestigious ceremony was held on Wednesday Dec. 27.
          Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF) NadimiBushehrifor Banks, Insurances and Public Corporations’ Affairs was the first speaker who pointed to the foundation of TEJARAT BANK and said: “This prestigious bank was established from 12 powerful private banks in the country.”
          He also pointed to the key role of TEJARAT BANK in materializing most objectives of the country and said: “Since its establishment, TEJARAT BANK has taken outstanding and prominent role over the past 38 years in meeting requirements of people, supporting entrepreneurs of the private sector and also launching most important infrastructural projects of the country.”

           Turning to the successful history of chief executives of TEJARAT BANK since establishment of the bank up to the present time, he said: “The current and previous CEO of the bank are of the most experienced, merited, competent and efficient directors in the country who managed to give a boost to the economic situation of the country.”

          Regarding the salient measures taken by the Former CEO of TEJARAT BANK, he said: “Mr. Moghaddam undertook the responsibility of the bank in arduous and difficult condition. When he assumed power as Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK, he managed to solve a series of problems that the bank was grappling with them in the previous years.”

          However, Mr. Moghaddam took giant strides in implementation of most objectives of the bank during his tenure, he said, adding: “It is hoped that Mr. Dowlatabadi the new Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK will strive to play an important role in materializing most economic objectives of the bank vigorously.”

          Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the salient characteristics of the new chief executive of TEJARAT BANK and said: “As an experienced, efficient and competent manpower, Mr. Dowlatabadi will make his utmost effort in the revival of merited and deserved situation of TEJARAT BANK in economy of the country in cooperation with the other managers and directors of the bank.”

          The deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF) pointed to the plans devised by the government for the renovation of banking network system in the country, aimed at empowering and downsizing banks and emphasized: “These comprehensive programs devised by the government will focus on increasing capability of granting facilities and loans, correcting structure of balance sheet and consolidated profit and loss turnover and also clarifying performance of the banks.”

          He also referred to the necessity of accelerating in launching comprehensive Core Banking system at TEJARAT BANK and added: “This comprehensive plan should be implemented in the country with the accurate consideration of all technical aspects expertly and also taking advantage of experiences of other banks and experts in various fields of banking and information technology (IT).”

          In the beginning of this prestigious meeting, Sami’ the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEJARAT BANK expressed his special thanks to the effective steps taken by the former Chief Executive of the Bank Mr. Moghaddam and also trust of economic managers of the country on the high capability and potential of the bank and said: “Over the past four decades, the great family of TEJARAT BANK selected and defined a valuable and precious strategy for themselves which has remained as a token among staff and personnel of the bank from generation to generation.”

          The management of the bank believes that customers,as the main beneficiaries, are the valuable asset that should be honored deservedly, he said, adding: “Gaining customers’ satisfaction is the main objective of the bank, the issue of which has been put atop agenda.”

          Like previous years, the management of the bank will make their utmost efforts to gain satisfaction of customers in the best form possible, he emphasized.

          Moghaddam Former Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK was the next speaker who submitted a comprehensive report on the salient achievements of the bank during his tenure and said: “Turning this bank into a learning and dynamic economic enterprise in tandem with fast-paced development of information technology (IT) in the contemporary world of today was the most important objective that was followed up strictly by my colleagues and I in approx. four years ago.”

          Despite many difficulties facing ahead, “We could take giant strides in these years,” he maintained

          Turning to this point that banking network is still playing an important role in financing economic enterprises in the country, he said and called for devising more integrated plans in management and economic systems of the country to reduce logical interest rate in banking network system and also prevent creation of nonconstructive competitions in this sector.

          For his part, Reza Dowlatabadi the new Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK pointed to some structural and fundamental problems of banking network of the country and added: “I am sure that TEJARAT BANK will use all its capabilities and potentials to settlepertinent problems under the auspices of its unflinching and industrious personnel, employees, managers and directors.”

          Relying upon the assistance of the Almighty God, TRJARAT BANK will play an important role in boosting business environment in the country, he said and emphasized: “For this purpose, the bank will strive to materialize most plans devised by the 11th and 12th governments dubbed “Hope and Prudence” in the year named after the resistance economy, production and job creation.”

          With increasing bank interest through the promotion of level of services and saving in expenses, TEJARAT BANK will be considered as a complete example of a successful economic enterprise in the implementation of resistance economy, he opined.

          In the end of this prestigious ceremony, a Plaque of Honor was awarded by the members of the Board of Directors of TEJARAT BANK to the former Chief Executive of the bank Mr. Moghaddam.

          Also, Reza Dowlatabadi was introduced officially as the new Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK, the Public Relations Dept. of the bank concluded. 



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